Larsen & Lewers

Larsen & Lewers work derives from interests and practices that include travel, architecture, history and the connections between jewellery - maker, wearer and viewer. The pieces combine silver components, found objects such as bone and ceramic and details from the built environment. Together they serve to locate the jewellery in time and place. The work in this show has been inspired by travel in Poland, with its baroque castles and cathedrals, along with traces of Morocco's past as a French colony amidst the Islamic Medina’s and mosques of today.


During the last 54 years Larsen and Lewers have held 68 exhibitions in museums and galleries in Australia and internationally. While primarily jewellers, silversmithing has been an important part of their practice. The larger work includes ceremonial and liturgical pieces, domestic sculpture and functional objects. In acknowledgement of their contribution to the arts, the National Gallery of Victoria organised a National and International Retrospective Exhibition of their work in 1986. More recently the Manly Art Gallery and Museum mounted a regional touring exhibition from 1986 to 2002. Helge and Darani were Awarded Honorary degrees: Doctor of Visual Arts, University of Sydney in 2007.